Extra-Curricular Activities

2017 MCJROTC Nationals in Las Vegas NV.

The RHS MCJROTC offers several very rewarding extra-curricular  opportunities.  Research shows that students who participate in extra-curricular activities and community service events tend to do better early in life after high school.  Frankly, this is common sense but it has been established through educational research.  Extra-curricular activities and community service are considered an educational “best practice” that lead to higher student achievement.  Participation in the RHS MCJROTC extra-curricular activities is strictly voluntary.

The RHS MCJROTC extra-curricular activities include the Drill Team and Color Guard, Air Rifle Marksmanship Team,  Academic Team, and Physical Training Team.  We also offer numerous opportunities to conduct community service.  Varsity letters can be earned for participation on the competitive Drill Team and competitive Air Rifle Marksmanship Team.

The RHS MCJROTC Program competes in the JROTC Cascade Mountain League (CML) which is comprised of JROTC teams representing fourteen schools from OR and WA.  The Drill Team, Marksmanship Team, and Physical Training (PT) Team all compete during the same competition.  The RHS MCJROTC won the overall Cascade Mountain League Championship during the 2017-2018 competitive season.  We also won the league trophy for Outstanding Sportsmanship in the league.