Air Rifle Marksmanship Program

2017 National Team at Lake Powell NV.

Marksmanship is a great educational activity for young people.  It develops concentration, focus, attention to detail, a sense of safety, personal organization, analytic skills, and teamwork.  Perhaps one of the greatest traits that marksmanship helps develop in individuals is personal accountability and personal responsibility.   The shooter receives instantaneous feedback on their performance.  They must “own it” and make the correct adjustment in their shooting or their rifle if needed in order to improve their performance.

All marksmanship conducted by the RHS MCJROTC is air rifle.  We compete in both air rifle categories.  The Sporter Class and the Precision Class.  A team consists of four shooters.  We typically field two Sporter Teams and one Precision Team.  Marksmanship is a Varsity Team Sport where the athletes can earn an RHS Varsity letter.  There is no cost to the cadet as all equipment is furnished by the MCJROTC Program.  We have our own dedicated indoor air rifle range located at RHS that has eight shooting lanes.  We compete in the Cascade Mountain League (CML) same as the drill and PT Teams.  The CML is comprised of JROTC Programs that represent fourteen high schools in Oregon and Washington.  We compete in five “shoulder to shoulder” competitions each year.  Additionally we compete in five to seven competitions each year where we fire the targets on our home range and mail the targets to the hosting organization.  We also teach all cadets marksmanship in class during the second trimester.  They have the opportunity to earn an MCJROTC Marksmanship badge.

The team goal every year is to win the Cascade Mountain League Championships and qualify a team for the National MCJROTC Championship competition.   The Marine Corps funds the trip to the MCJROTC national competition.  Shooters can qualify as an individual or as part of a four person team.  We have qualified shooters to national competitions for the past three years.  In 2017 our Precision Team qualified for the nationals and placed seventh.  Our highest placing individual placed fifth.  We also qualified a Sporter shooter who competed as an individual.

Practice is after school from 1445-1630 at the indoor range directly behind the school.  LtCol Doug Seal is the Head Coach.