Promotion Policy

1. There are three (3) opportunities for promotion.  These opportunities exist at the end of each trimester for junior ranking cadets.

2. A trimester is typically the period of time that a cadet will be observed/evaluated for promotion.

3. Cadets must pass all classes during the trimester to be eligible for promotion.

4. Cadets must have no unexcused absences during the preceding trimester.

5. Cadets must wear the uniform for all uniform inspections and adhere to all grooming standards during the preceding trimester.

6. Cadets must wear the MCJROTC PT gear during PT and participate to the best of their ability.

7. Must demonstrate good personal conduct and behavior.

8. Must pass the appropriate promotion requirements for the rank attempting to attain.

9. All cadets begin as Cadet Privates.  The first promotion is Cadet Private First Class (PFC).  The highest rank attainable is Cadet Corporal for a first year cadet.