Student Benefits

Student Benefits

1. MCJROTC Cadets gain the greatest benefit from the class/program by learning and developing leadership skills that will help them succeed in high school.  Perhaps more importantly they will learn and develop leadership skills that will help them succeed in their lives beyond high school.  Leadership skills, personal responsibility, citizenship, and self discipline are skills that cadets will learn and develop well ahead of their peers.  These skills will tremendously assist cadets to succeed in any endeavor that they choose to pursue in their lives.

2. ELECTIVE CREDIT/PE CREDIT – Cadets receive one elective credit for each year that they successfully complete in MCJROTC.   Cadets receive .5 credit of physical education credit for every year that they  successfully complete.  Students are required to have two credits of P.E. in order to graduate.  Successfully completing four years of MCJROTC waives the requirement to take P.E.

3. HIGHER RANK FOR ENLISTMENT – Cadets who successfully complete at least two years of MCJROTC will receive an additional promotion/rank upon enlistment into the military services.  This applies to all of the U. S. Armed Services.   This equates to a higher pay grade and higher pay upon initial enlistment.

4. COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS – Chances for obtaining a college ROTC scholarship (worth as much as $180,000) are greatly improved if a student has successfully completed MCJROTC. In addition, colleges may also give ROTC credit for MCJROTC, reducing the overall requirement for college graduation. There are many college scholarships that specifically target high school students that have successfully completed MCJROTC.

5. NAVAL ACADEMY NOMINATIONS- Each Honor School in the Marine Corps JROTC program is allowed to nominate outstanding cadets for appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. This privilege allows a cadet to circumvent competition with civilian applicants for the limited number of congressional appointments.